AkempuckyŽ is a blend of special ingredients that all contribute to its unique properties. It is both sticky and slippery. It behaves like both a lubricant and a paintable putty. It is hand-made in America by American hands.

Use this amazing Lubricant-in-a-Stick on screw threads, door hardware, zippers or anything else that binds, sticks, or squeaks.

Ackempucky Stops Screw Breakage
This Secret of the Masters reduces the friction between the screw and the wood... and that means less heat build-up, less breakage and less time wasted removing and repairing broken screws!

Akempucky Saves Cordless Tool Batteries
It just stands to reason... less friction also reduces the strain on all your screwdriving tools. That means longer life for your cordless tool batteries...and your arm, too!

Akempucky Prevents Unsightly Oil Drips
Oil may be a great lubricant for stopping squeaky hinge pins or door latches -- but not when it drips down the edges of the door or the jamb. Akempucky is a solid, rub-on product... and that means no dripping!

Akempucky Frees Up Sliding Things
Got a sticky window, drawer, or sliding shelf? A quick swipe with Akempucky makes it work like new!

Akempucky - The Great Zipper-Slipper!
Makes stuck zippers slide like magic!

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